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Bees Pest Control Treatment

Treatment for bees control keeps away flies from the premises. Bees are the common problem in all time that affects many people’s life. These pests are frequently disturbing our peace of mind. We offer state-of-the-art technology and modern approach. When it comes to safety, we never compromised with the lives of our team or customers at all. All team members are given costumes / suits that help to protect them from bee stings. There are various bee treatment methods:

  • First Method: We may use a method to vacuum out a hive and covering it with a plastic and exposing it to the direct sun. The bees will then not be able to withstand the temperature and will automatically die.
  • Second Method: To get rid of bees is by treating them with the right chemicals, the bee hives are sprayed with chemicals that kill the bees or make them flee from their hive. When it comes to carpenter bees who like to build their hives in wood, we use dust, wettable powders and aerosol residual formulas by injecting them into the wood.
  • Third Method: Bees can also be taken care of using fire. The hives are fumed using high flames and help us to get rid of the bees.
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