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Termite Pest Control Treatment

Termite control services at Wellbrocare.com are comprehensive and thorough, aiming not only to eliminate existing termite infestations but also to prevent future occurrences. The detailed process you’ve outlined for inspecting, treating, and protecting properties against termite damage demonstrates a commitment to delivering effective and reliable solutions.

White-ants / Termite, soft body insects, white ants damage the woods, manmade constructions. But our termite’s products prevent from every type of infestations, high humidity temperature infections & makes your environment safe, secure within on time. Our Termite / Deemak Pest Control Treatment prevents from chronic diseases & their harmful effects.Process: We will inspect and observe the property to assess the impact of the termite infections in the property. All damage and structural problems will be shown and explained to the clients before and after the service. After the walkthrough around the property that is grass, mulch and or dirt. All cement, gravel or pavement areas (such as steps and driveway) adjacent to the property will be drilled, spaced out every 1 foot. After the perimeter of the property is fully trenched and drilled will apply liquid treatment of Termite Pesticides Solution is the leading termiticide for eliminating and controlling termites. Once, it has been successfully applied to all holes and trenches will place back the dirt and or grass that was trenched and secure all holes with a thin layer of cement will be placed the holes. Any furniture and possessions that were moved during treatment will be placed back in their respective positions.

Warranty:We offer full warranties on our Termite Pest Control Service. If any termite problems or have a termite sighting during the warranty will revisit the property and treat accordingly at no cost during annual maintenance contract (AMC)

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