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Bird Netting Installation Services

The installation of bird netting provides several benefits, especially for flat owners looking to keep birds, pigeons, and other creatures away from balconies and houses. The primary advantages include:
1. Preventing Unwanted Intruders: Bird netting helps in keeping birds, pigeons, and monkeys away from balconies and houses, ensuring uninterrupted ventilation and sunlight.
2. Identification of Problem Areas: Marking areas where birds commonly cause problems is crucial. Look for signs of nests, droppings, or bird activity in common areas such as eaves, vents, balconies, and rooflines.
3. Choosing Quality Material: Pay attention to the quality of the bird netting material. Opt for UV-protected polypropylene bird nets for durability, and select heavy-duty options for long-lasting effectiveness.
4. Consider Types of Bird Netting: Choose the type of bird netting that suits your needs. Different types are available, including those designed to repel specific birds. Consider factors like color and mesh size.
5. Mesh Size Matters: The right size of the bird net mesh is essential. Choose a mesh size that aligns with the bird species you want to keep out. Larger mesh is suitable for preventing larger birds.
6. Proper Installation: Ensure proper and tight installation using suitable fasteners like screws, clips, or hooks. Avoid leaving gaps or loose sections where birds could find entry points.
7. Secure Attachment: Birds can be persistent; use hardware designed for bird netting installation to securely attach the netting to the structure, preventing dislodging or pulling down.
8. Regular Maintenance: Establish a regular maintenance schedule to inspect the netting for any damage caused by weather, UV exposure, or bird activity. Promptly replace damaged portions to maintain the integrity of the barrier.

Dos of Bird/Pigeon Net for Balcony Installation:
Research Different Types: Spend time researching various bird nettings available in the market to choose the one that best fits your requirements.
Ensure Inside Access: Plan for sufficient inside access while installing the bird net to take care of plants or manage things outside the net.
Minimize Tangles: Stay organized during installation to minimize tangles and ensure a smooth process. Enlist help to stretch the net fully to the corners.

Don’ts of Anti-Bird Net Installation:
Avoid Windy Days: Don’t attempt bird net installation on windy days, as lightweight nets may become entangled and challenging to manage.
Not All Nets Are the Same: Don’t assume that all bird nettings are the same. Consider the type of birds and the property you want to protect when choosing the right net.
Temporary Solution: Don’t expect a permanent fixture with bird netting. It’s a temporary solution that requires regular maintenance to address issues like holes and damage.
Following these guidelines can help ensure a successful bird netting installation, providing effective protection against unwanted avian visitors

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