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Covid-19 Sanitization & Disinfection Services

Sanitization and disinfection services help in reduction of the viruses, fungi, harmful bacteria. cleaning up is necessary, Sanitization helps in reducing the risk of catching any type of virus or bacteria. Our sanitization service covered the area like medical offices, senior care facilities, hospitals, food service business, schools, daycares, shopping malls, gymnasiums, and work environments of all types. We never fail to meet our client’s expectations for having a hygienic environment all around.

  • Process will be included complete surface & spatial disinfection using ULV Fogger Misting Technology
  • Terms & Conditions
  1. Our Spatial treatment is a precautionary treatment and will disinfect only the premises
  2. Do let us know if there is or was any COVID patient at the residen
  3.  We do not offer any  service guarantee
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