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Pest Control Services in Delhi NCR

WellBro Care has established itself as a reputed and reliable brand in the pest control industry. We having trusted professionals and well-trained staff, along with state-of-the-art technologies and the latest equipment, suggests a commitment to providing high-quality services. We use well-known brands for pesticides, which are effective against pests and less harmful to humans, demonstrates a concern for both the environment and customer safety.

Having over 25,000 satisfied customers is a significant achievement and indicates a track record of success. Being available 24/7 to address customer concerns or emergencies shows dedication to customer service. If you have any specific questions or if there’s a particular aspect, you’d like advice on, feel free to let me know!    

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Treatment for Termite / Deemak

Termite control services at WellBro Care are comprehensive and thorough, aiming not only to eliminate existing termite infestations but also to prevent future occurrences. The detailed process you’ve outlined for inspecting, treating, and protecting properties against termite damage demonstrates a commitment to delivering effective and reliable solutions. White-ants / Termite, soft body insects, white ants damage the woods, manmade constructions. But our termite’s products prevent from every type of infestations, high humidity temperature infections & makes your environment safe, secure within on time. Our Termite / Deemak Pest Control Treatment prevents from chronic diseases & their harmful effects. Process: We will inspect and observe the property to assess the impact of the termite infections in the property. All damage and structural problems will be shown and explained to the clients before and after the service. After the walkthrough around the property that is grass, mulch and or dirt. All cement, gravel or pavement areas (such as steps and driveway) adjacent to the property will be drilled, spaced out every 1 foot. After the perimeter of the property is fully trenched and drilled will apply liquid treatment of Termite Pesticides Solution is the leading termiticide for eliminating and controlling termites. Once, it has been successfully applied to all holes and trenches will place back the dirt and or grass that was trenched and secure all holes with a thin layer of cement will be placed the holes. Any furniture and possessions that were moved during treatment will be placed back in their respective positions. Warranty: We offer full warranties on our Termite Pest Control Service. If any termite problems or have a termite sighting during the warranty will revisit the property and treat accordingly at no cost during annual maintenance contract (AMC).

Pest Control Treatment for Rodent or Rats

Rodents, Rats and Mice can transfer diseases, contaminate food, and the biggest cause of structural damage. Rats have the special ability that they use their powerful front teeth for gnawing their way through the toughest barriers. Because of this reason, they are accomplished with the best chewers. We provide rodent management services; we have a team of professionals who have experienced and know how to deal with this problem. We use proper safety types of equipment with no chance of spreading infection.  Rodent control is very important as it can damage the preserved goods and other food items. If this problem is not controlled on time, this can lead to big losses.
Methods that are used to provide rodent control services:

  1. Prevent exterior access.
  2. Remove inside attractors.

Steps to Prevent Rodents:
After taking the services, you can prevent the rodents from premises by following some simple steps as given below:

  • Use rat traps or poisons chemicals at the entrance of gate.
  • Seal the holes and each entry points of the rodents
  • Clean the pipes system thoroughly
  • Wrap the foods in tight containers

Our professional team can use such methods to provide the best services as per your choice. You never want your house to be a welcoming place for mice and rats. That’s why an experienced team is needed.

Pest Control Treatment for Bees and Wasp

Treatment for bees control keeps away flies from your premises:
Bees and flies are the common problem in all time that affects many people’s life. These pests are frequently disturbing our peace of mind and also make impact on our health / financial matters.
We offer pest control solutions for bees and wasps with the state-of-the-art technology and modern approached, wellbrocare.com keeps your premise pest free.

When it comes to safety we never compromised with the lives of our team or customers at all. All team members are given costumes / suits that help to protect them from bee stings. Similarly, when we have to get rid of the bees, we must instruct all customers to move away from the hives & stay at a safe area to get protection from the onslaught of the bees. These like to be in dark areas. These bees can be very dangerous and a sting from bees can be fatal at times or lead to allergic reactions in someone have from it.

These bees are mostly black or brown, with red, yellow or blue stripes and usually infest a person’s home while looking to make a nest.

There are various bee treatment methods:

First Method: We may use a method to vacuum out a hive and covering it with a plastic and exposing it to the direct sun. The bees will then not be able to withstand the temperature and will automatically die.

Second Method: To get rid of bees is by treating them with the right chemicals, the bee hives are sprayed with chemicals that kill the bees or make them flee from their hive. When it comes to carpenter bees who like to build their hives in wood, we use dust, wettable powders and aerosol residual formulas by injecting them into the wood.

Third Method: Bees can also be taken care of using fire. The hives are fumed using high flames and help us to get rid of the bees.


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